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This might be a surprising fact, but the truth is it will be possible for a person to get the IP address just by using the user id of the Skype. There are many websites that will help the third person to identify the IP address without much stress. Usually, the Skype resolver said to be very popular in order to identify the IP address. It is essential to identify the best way to secure the Skype usage as soon as possible. It will not be a very difficult job to secure the Skype from this type of trouble.

The step that has to be followed during this procedure is given below in a very detailed way. The first and foremost work that has to be done here is to log in to the Skype and the go to the settings tab. In that, it is necessary to find the advanced option in which allow direct contacts only should be checked. Finally, save and close the dialog box. This action will save the skype completely from the IP thefts. It is necessary to ensure the strangers are not included in the friends list. Even though the above-mentioned steps are followed and there is a hacker added in the friends list, it will not be possible to save the computer from the IP theft. Some people might not know or understand the importance of safeguarding the IP address from the unknown people.

In such cases, it is essential to make them aware of the possible negatives that can happen due to the IP address theft. IP address is nothing but numeric representations that are separated by space. There are many products that will be using the services provided by the Skype and it is essential to find the right methods and make the security arrangements so that there are no confusions.

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